Pokemon Go Login

Account Setup

Though you can use a Facebook account to login, create a Pokemon Go username.  This account will be with the Pokemon Trainer Club.  This username may or may not be different from your screen name.  One word all lowercase is sufficient for a username.

Record the username and password on the device used for playing Pokemon Go and wherever you usually store ids and passwords – it really sucks to get logged out of the app and not remember the username and/or password while out playing.  Also, you may want to shift devices quickly to work around a device problem such as connectivity.

Recover a Username or Password

In a browser window go to the Pokemon Trainer Club.  To recover your username, click on ‘Forgot your username?’; for your password, click on ‘Forgot password?’.  In the username or password recovery screen, enter the email address to which you want set the recovery information, complete one of the other fields such as ‘Screen Name’, and click on the ‘Retrieve username’ button.  Open the email subsequently sent to your email address and follow its instructions.

Screen Name

You can only change your screen name (the name of your trainer avatar) once.  Most use a compound word with uppercase to demarcate each word segment such as XavaBoo – no blank spaces allowed.  As needed, append with numbers to differentiate your screen name.  You want your friends and family to easily recognize your screen name.  Your screen name does not need to match your username.


Unless you want the Pokemon Go ditty to blare out of your phone upon logging back into the game, flip off your ringer before starting the application the first time or before retrying a login.  Once you’ve logged in, to turn off the music, click on the red and white ball at the bottom center of the screen, on ‘SETTINGS’ in the upper right corner, and then deselect ‘Music’.  You may also want to deselect ‘Sound Effects’.  Optionally deselect ‘Vibration’ and select ‘Battery Saver’.  And then click on the ‘X’ and the bottom center of the screen.

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