Dealing With Dragons

Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede and performed by the Words Take Wing Repertory Company of Syracuse, New York was a very entertaining twist on the standard tale of knights, princesses, and dragons. In a fashion similar to Hamster Princess : Harriet the Invincible (by Ursula Vernon), Wrede’s princess has little patience for what’s consider proper princess behavior. Princess Cimorene escapes a pending arranged marriage by volunteering her services to the (female) dragon Kazul. Adventures ensue and while other princesses in the story find (or are found by) their princes, Princess Cimorene remains happily unhitched. The performance is a little theatrical but by using a full cast, there’s a nice range of voices, making the story easy to follow. I’m definitely going to read the two sequels – and I found that I’d previously read and greatly enjoyed Wrede’s series set in Victorian England.

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