Searching for Dragons

Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede is a cheeky sequel to Dealing With Dragons (second book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series).  Princess Cimorene, who has found a way around the restrictions constraining princess behavior by providing service to Kazul, King of the Dragons, is paired with Mendanbar, who, as the King of the Enchanted Forest, likewise chafes against the confinements of royalty.  Kazul, unfortunately, doesn’t get much page time in this novel but on the plus side Morwen and her various feline sidekicks get a fair amount of time and there’s a Jack, as in a Jack-of-all-Trades… and a bit of a flimflam salesman.  This volume may be read standalone but is best enjoyed when read after Dealing With Dragons.  The ending is satisfying by itself but the partially open threads (mostly those concerning the wizards) nicely set up the next volume, Calling on Dragons.

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