Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon, a graphic novel series by Haruko Iida based on a story by Red Company / Takamura Matsuda, as represented by Volume 1 wasn’t very engaging.  Admittedly part of my issue with the story were flashback scenes: the tiny, loopy, serif font was literally difficult to read – especially when on low contrast grey background – and it was a bit obtuse, particularly in the open scenes.  (Perhaps Japanese readers have sufficient context and linguistic meaning to get a richer meaning from the text.)  The artwork is okay but some of the faces are a bit clunky and some of the boys are a bit indistinct.  Most of the characters are young teens but as is typical of Japanese manga, by American standards they dress and act more like skinny 4th or 5th graders at a Christian school.  On the plus side there’s not much violence, there aren’t gratuitous crotch or cleavage shots, and the heroine isn’t excessively dippy.

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