Apple ID Updates

To change the primary email address for your Apple ID, use the instructions below.  You will need to have your iPhone handy

  • In a browser on your computer, go to: .
  • Type your Apple ID in the white box below ‘Manage your Apple account’, click on the right arrow, type your Apple ID password in the white box below your Apple ID, and click on the right arrow.  If you don’t remember your Apple ID and/or password, click on ‘Forgot Apple ID or password?’.
  • On your iPhone, click on ‘Allow’ in the ‘Apple Sign In Requested’ pop-up.  Note the six digit Apple ID Verification Code.
  • Enter the six digit Apple ID Verification Code where prompted in the browser window.  If you delay between entering your password and entering the code, the code may not be accepted.  If this occurs, click on the ‘Didn’t get a verification code?’ prompt and repeat the previous step.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button to the right of ‘Account’ ‘APPLE ID’ ‘REACHABLE AT’.Click on the blue ‘Change Apple ID…’ under ‘APPLE ID’ and your old email address.
  • Enter your new preferred email address (e.g. your gmail address) and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • When you are done with edits, click on the ‘Done’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Sign Out’ button at the top right of the window when you are done updating your Apple ID.

Note that if you want to add / change the credit or debit card associated with your Apple ID, you can do so under the ‘Payment & Shipping’ section of this window.

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